Saturday, September 04, 2010

Quiet House

A few hours ago Qavah, Annelise, Nehemiah, and Eva were all running, jumping, climbing, and playing together.  The house was so full of little voices and merriment that the call to "story time" brought about an abrupt change.  One by one the children were put to bed and suddenly the house was quiet.

Our house guests (Uncle Todd and Aunt Judy) have also turned in for the night.  We have had an eventful week and enjoyed many little side trips in the Roanoke area.  Today we ate at the White Oak Tea Tavern.   Tomorrow more family will gather here to celebrate Kathryn's birthday.  However, at this moment, all activity has come to an end, and the house is completely silent. 

In the silence of these moments before I turn in myself, I am remembering a touch from God to all of us tonight.  We were all sitting out on the front porch at sunset when a gentle rain began to fall and a cool breeze began to blow in from the west.  I saw the landscape change color as the sky went through a sudden change.  I got up from my chair and asked all the children to hold hands and shout these words really loud, "Lord, give us a rainbow!"  They held hands and we all shouted together.  It took a few minutes, and I had a twinge of doubt, but suddenly, in the sky across the street, a rainbow formed.  We all went wild with jumping and yelling because it was as if God had taken His colors and painted the rainbow at our request.

As they sleep tonight, I hope those in our house are feeling loved.  I hope the children will grow up believing that God hears prayer, and that He sends rainbows to remind us of His great love.  I hope that they will not hesitate to ask Him to show them some of His glory when they are needing a touch from Him.  I hope that long after we are gone, Paul and I will leave behind the kind of testimony that future generations will still hear about.  We can lie down tonight and sleep in perfect peace because we rest in the God who painted us a rainbow. Goodnight.