Sunday, September 12, 2010

Settling for Less

I read this story recently and turned it over in my mind again as I listened to the sermon in church this morning.  The story is about a man named Jim who had saved a long time to take an Alaskan cruise.  He had dreamed of doing that for as long as he could remember.  At last he was on board with two carefully packed suitcases.  The first evening, when he heard, "dinner is served" over the loudspeaker, he took peanut butter crackers from his suitcase and sat at a table in his small cabin to eat them.  Every day at mealtime he repeated the ritual.  It wasn't that he wouldn't have enjoyed the ship's banquets.  He simply didn't read the fine print on the ticket which stated, "Meals are included in the price of the ticket."  He didn't know he had a right to feast in an extravagant way.

Our sermon this morning was about Jesus, the Good Shepherd, and how far He would go to rescue His lambs.  The pastor used an example from scripture that made my heart feel as though I had feasted.   As Christians, we have a daily invitation to open God's word and feast upon it.  Before church was over I prayed, "Father, when my heart is starving for peace, comfort, or courage, help me to remember to read the fine print on the pages of my Bible where your extravagant words will fill my starving heart.  I don't want to settle for less when I am being offered so much."  My imagination took me to a table where Jesus was waiting there for me.  I could almost see a twinkle in His eye as I imagined Him offering me a seat saying, "Blessed are you who hunger now, for you will be satisfied." Luke 6:21 


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  2. Praise the Lord, Hallelujah! I believe the comments are often an important part of your ministry, and I was surprised and so pleased to see "1 comment" posted.

    Yes, the Lord's Word is so reach that there is never an end to the feast prepared for us. Many mornings while I am memorizing I feel the burning of His joy and love in my heart and I know that I am "in tune" with my Savior and Creator. I am working on the story of Peter and Cornelius and this Am was particularly blessed by this verse, Cornelius speaking to Peter in front of the "large gathering" of relatives and close friends: "...And now we are all here in the presence of God to listen to everything that the Lord has commanded you to tell us." May we all have such openness to hear God's word - to the extent that "While Peter was still speaking, the Holy Spirit came on them all", without their needing to verbalize it! Wow!

    So glad I'm finally back on-line at home! Love, Aunt Lil