Sunday, September 26, 2010

Under Seige

We started out two weeks ago in Qavah's room wiping out the invasion of stink bugs.  They were under control in her room but moved to each window of the house after that.  Window by window we have waged war on these things.   We sprayed pesticide around every window on the front side of the house this weekend but unbelievably, they are back in Qavah's windows.  These bugs are so smelly and sly that they are extremely hard to conquer.  One thing we can not do is give up on the war.

During this weekend another battle raged.  Kathryn started having severe stomach cramps and bleeding last Thursday night and it continued through the weekend.  Drugs that seemed to work in the past were not helping and we had been in prayer over what to do.  I got up to check on Kathryn in the middle of the night and found her lying on the floor at the foot of her bed.  Her body was in a contorted condition with her muscles spasming.  She was not able to call for help but waited there on the floor praying we would find her.  Paul and I worked with her on the floor because any attempt to pick her up caused her more pain.  We started treating her with potassium and magnesium and within twenty minutes her muscles relaxed.  We got her into bed and packed her sore muscles with warm compresses.  It has been a while since we have seen Kathryn like that, and we feel so thankful that she has had more good days than bad this fall.  By learning to control her electrolytes at home, we no longer feel that we are helpless in the face of these middle-of-the-night surprises.

Whether it is a case of stink bugs, relentless health challenges, or the battle to overcome evil, one thing is sure.  We must never give up.   Being brave in adversity doesn't mean we didn't shed some tears of sheer frustration yesterday. It is possible through the grace of God to keep battling and fighting the good fight with a lump in our throat and joy in our hearts.  Just before bed tonight, Qavah marched into the kitchen wearing her pink princess dress, my old high heels, and a helmet.  She marched in singing a song she had sung in Sunday School today.  "I'm in the Lord's Army, yes sir!"  I had already been thinking about how to finish this post about battling the enemy and Qavah's little song reminded me that while the battle rages, we are in the Lord's army together and as a Christian family, we will prevail.

It is God who arms me with strength, and makes my way perfect. He makes my feet like the feet of deer, and sets me on high places. He teaches my hands to make war, so that my arms can bend a bow of bronze …" Psalm 18:32

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  1. What a war you are in, with battles on every side this week! Praise God that you are marching in the Lord's army, with help from the Father, the Son, the Spirit, a host of angels, and many praying family and brothers and siters in the Lord. "The battle is the Lords" and He is always the victor, and has promised to "Comfort, strengthen and keep us" when we cry for help. He is the Almighty!

    My daily prayer for Kathryn is that she have "Many good days" and God has heard that prayer - which many have prayed. Now we pray that you will deliver Kathryn from further attacks in the near future, Father. That you will give insight into what brought this one on. I pray that you will give her an extra measure of JOY and peace from you in her heart all this week, Lord Jesus. And let your beauty shine through her, as it does in such an extraordinary way. I pray in your Name, Lord Jesus.

    I want to finish with the chorus of the hymn I was quoting. Maybe it will help someone else, too.

    "Ask the Saviour to help you,
    Comfort, strengthen and keep you.
    He will carry you through."

    From "Yield not to Temptation"

    I have come to believe that our Lord almost reflexly responds to a cry for HELP! HELP! with great compassion. We are always in His immediate presence. What a joyful truth!

    Love to all, Aunt Lil