Wednesday, October 06, 2010

Another Lipase Drop!

I went to the hospital last night and took Kathryn a bunch of pictures of her bedroom makeover.  The hardwood floors were finished and I wanted her to have an idea of how we could place her furniture.  It was fun for her to dream about being home.  Paul and I put the major big pieces of furniture in place before I left for the hospital; now she will have the delight of finding new and interesting places for her trinkets.

Kathryn and I listened to a sermon and talked about it for a while, then we decided to sleep a few hours.  Her blood was drawn early so that by the time the physician came around, he already had the good news that her lipase level dropped again and that her white cell count dropped to 12, which is also good.  After learning of her lab results, I asked if we could bring Kathryn home.  The GI doctor will be meeting later today with Kathryn to discuss the possibility of coming home.  She is tolerating water and ice chips so hydration will be better.

Caring for her at home has become slightly more complicated by her intestinal infection.  It is known as C-diff, and it can be passed on to family members with a compromised immune system.  Kathryn will have to finish a course of antibiotic to treat it, but we will need to keep Qavah healthy by keeping her downstairs and away from the bathroom that Kathryn uses.  A daily bathroom scrub down with bleach, and continual hand washing, is what the infectious disease doctor recommended.  Until her course of antibiotics for C-diff are finished, we will have to be very careful.  I am going out shopping for bleach and disposable rubber gloves in just a few minutes.

Even though Kathryn does not want to start eating yet, she did enjoy some broth this morning for breakfast.  If her pancreas continues to settle down,  I feel sure she will be eating baby food by the weekend.  She has some favorites, that when warmed up, taste like a fancy soup puree.  Just three days ago I began calling friends to pray.  Together we can say we have seen the goodness of the Lord.  


  1. I had to say "Amen!" to the very last sentence of this post. The Lord has been very good indeed! Even drinking broth and licking crackers has been a merciful blessing from the Lord, because it stops the hunger pains and growling in my stomach.

  2. We do serve an awesome God, don't we!

    Aunt Doris

  3. Thanks be to God! So glad to hear that things are continuing to head in the right direction. Hugs to all of you, and continued prayers.

  4. Ib and Patricia HagstenOctober 6, 2010 at 6:42 PM

    Hallelujah! What good news!

    But keep Qavah extra healthy ... and yourselves, as well, D & P!


  5. Kathryn accidentally called me this afternoon & it was great to hear how strong she sounded. May the Lord continue to lift you up.