Friday, October 01, 2010

Contented Kathryn

By the end of the day yesterday it seemed as though Kathryn wasn't responding to the doses of steroids I was giving her and when I took her blood pressure it was 72/40 with a heart rate of 140.  I called the doctor and we talked about the fact that there is a time when we have to face the fact that we have lost control of a situation.  I called him because I knew we had reached that point.  Kathryn took the news quite well that Paul was going to take her to the hospital and that she needed to be treated there until she felt better.

Her pancreatitis is serious.  Her white cell count was over 2,300 last night.  After a very slow start in the emergency room she was admitted to the hospital and Paul got home this morning at 5am with the good news that IV fluids, solu medrol, and pain medication by IV, had begun to work and that she was resting comfortably.  Her doctors were in to see her first thing this morning and IV Rocephin has been ordered although it is not obvious yet where the infection is within Kathryn's body.  She will have some GI testing today.  She is very tired but not discouraged.  She took her netbook with her and plans to do some surfing on the web.  Our "Comments" have been reactivated so messages can be left for her there.  It is a bit confusing with the new system but when you see the selection of Name/URL, click on that option and type your name.  That will be enough information to satisfy that program.  Your comments will come first to my email address, then I will post them.  In addition, if you have prayer requests please share them in your comment.  Kathryn does some serious praying for others when she is in the hospital.  I'll post again at the end of the day.


  1. So sorry to hear you are back in the hospital, but as always, this will be a time for God to work mightily!

    If you could be in prayer for my friend's grandmother. My friend is Alison, and she calls her grandmother "Granny". She had surgery today to remove a breast cancer tumor and will be going through five weeks of radiation. She is 82 and strong-willed, but could certainly use the prayer!

    Now praying for YOU.


  2. Kathryn,
    I am praying for you. I know how much you dislike hospital stays, but how great that you can still do some web surfing & stay connected to friends & family. I wonder if, on the new earth, our brains will be a bit like internet systems & we might be able to stay connected with everyone all the time. If so, I would also hope that there would be an off button for the times I would want to be by myself:)
    Love you, girl,

  3. Hi, Kathryn.
    We'll be praying for you. Hope you're home soon. Love, Mark and Anne Poler

  4. You are always in my prayers, Kathryn! I hope your hospital stay is helpful and restorative for you. Sometimes we do need to surrender to that level of care. Lots of prayers from here!

    If you could pray for my friend Norene, who is scared about some medical test results that she'll receive this coming week, that would be wonderful. Also, I'm leading a Bible study group for six weeks starting tomorrow, and prayers for my little group (currently four people) would be awesome as well!

    Take good care. Hugs!


  5. Dawn,

    You were on my mind today and I went to the blog to see what has been going on in your world. I am sorry to hear Kathryn is back in the hospital. May God make himself known to her yet again and take away her pain. We love you guys! Praying.

    Please pray for a missionary in India. He is very sick and is in the hospital. He has Dengue Fever. sp?