Saturday, October 23, 2010

I Love Weekends

Last week the girls had appointments to check out some health matters.  I also babysat, ran errands, and got caught up on the banking and paperwork that had accumulated during Kathryn's hospital stay.  I finished painting some trim in the front hall and put my last coat of varnish on a table I had been restoring.  Hooray, the weekend is here!  After attending a lovely bridal shower this afternoon, Kathryn and I came home looking forward to sunset.  The guys were finishing a project in the barn and we all gathered for dinner and the lighting of our Shabbat candles.  We are tucked in for the night and feeling the blessing of home, family, and rest.  

Paul and I would like to say "thank you" for the many friends and family members who still pray for our family, and particularly the girls.  We are not very strong on our own, but with God's grace, and the prayers of others, we have had what I believe is supernatural strength to meet the demands of our family.  As Christians, I am reminded that we are living out the life God had planned for us.  With His help we are able to accomplish far more than when the going was easy.  While Paul and I have many friends enjoying the quiet life of retirement we recognize that we have been called to something different in our twilight years. 

In reviewing our life together recently, Paul said, "I love having a little kid in the house."  I facetiously wondered if it is because of having a trail of toys in every room at the end of the day, or having to drive around a small bike left in the driveway. Then he said, "I just like seeing the Winnie-the-Pooh stool at the kitchen counter again."  From her step-stool, Qavah is learning how to run a kitchen and a home.  We're starting over, and it's exhausting but fun.  It may be because of our ages, but we truly have begun to love Sabbath rest.  Our hearts are quiet, and we know that tomorrow we will have ears to hear the Word of God with our brothers and sisters in worship.  We will also see Qavah at the front of the church listening to the children's sermon and then she'll wave to us like mad as she follows her friends to children's church.  Paul will probably squeeze my hand and we will both be thinking about the good life we have been given.  It is a gift.

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