Thursday, October 07, 2010

Kathryn is at Home Tonight

Today's lab results showed that Kathryn's white cell count is in a perfect range.  Her lipase level is 2,000 and dropping steadily as it should.  With her electrolytes balanced we brought her home today.  She is sipping soup broth and had a few noodles without pain.  Now that she is stable and able to be up and around, she is traveling through the rooms of the house saying, "I'm so happy to be home!" Although I took pictures of her bedroom make-over to the hospital every day, seeing it for the first time was a real treat for her.  She noticed even the smallest details.  

Kathryn and I are preparing for the weekend when we will be reading the new Joni Eareckson Tada book together.  There will be treasure there that will speak to us.  The name of the book is A lifetime of Wisdom (embracing the way God heals you).  Paul is taking Paul Burton to a retreat weekend near Lexington, Virginia, so while they are learning and spending time together in God's word, we girls will do the same.   This week was one of many challenges, and we are all happy that at the close of the week our plans are for rest and recreation.

I will post some pictures that I took of Kathryn's room tomorrow night.  I just want to thank all of you who prayed and asked your friends and churches to pray for Kathryn this week.  The battle was fierce, but with prayer and faith in God, we have come home to a place of peace and rest. This past week was a lesson in contentment for all of us.  Kathryn especially waited patiently for many things within the confines of her hospital room and we are happy to report that her desire to be at home is a reality tonight.

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  1. This is wonderful news!! So glad Kathryn is home. God is good!

    I can't wait to see the room makeover pictures. Since I had the pleasure of seeing your beautiful home last year, I'm anxious to get this new picture in my mind too. :-)