Saturday, October 09, 2010

Order in the House

The battle against clutter is never-ending.  When we moved into our house many years ago I promised myself that I would go through all records, papers, and trinkets every seven years.  That was thirteen years ago, and rather than a few bags of trash, I need a dumpster.  Kathryn spent the day sorting through many years of "saved" stuff and asked herself, "Do I need to save this?"  She now has her room put back together and all of the things that are no longer necessary are going to be put out in the trash for Monday pick-up.  She feels free.  She feels powerful!  She feels like posting pictures!  Now, we put our feet up, relax, and enjoy the rest of the weekend.  Kathryn had some more noodles and broth today and it has settled nicely.  Thank you, everyone, for the prayers you have offered up for her.

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