Wednesday, October 13, 2010

Qavah's Bravery

I left for Charlottesville Monday morning and took Qavah to a pediatric dentist.  It is a two hour drive.  The dentist had made a plan on our last visit to work on Qavah Monday morning and again on Tuesday morning, so I made plans to stay overnight in the area.  Qavah was numbed first on the right side and had four crowns, sealants, and two extractions.  After that trauma, we went to visit Aunt Jackie and Uncle John!  Qavah had forgotten most of the pain of the dental visit while there, and played with her cousin Laura until bedtime.  She had so much fun that when we went back to the dentist on Tuesday, she hopped right up in the chair for two more tooth extractions on the left side, two crowns, and more sealant on her molars.  It was an amazing amount of work and the dentist worked swiftly while Qavah was distracted by a movie.  I was amazed at Qavah's bravery and strength.  We had talked about the visit ahead of time, and how she might be rewarded for her courage.  We have something very special planned for Friday evening.  I think Qavah will remember in the future that being courageous for the right reasons will yield a worthwhile reward.  Since it is a secret, I'll write more about it on the weekend.

Kathryn is doing very well.  Paul took the afternoon off work and drove Kathryn to her appointment. Her GI doctor saw her yesterday and went over the notes from her hospital stay.  He explained some of his findings and together they worked out a plan to taper her off of the antibiotic she is now taking.  Then they made a plan to introduce food slowly.  Baby food is fine for now and she is holding steady at 84 lbs., but she is starting to crave a real meal.  She has had a good recovery and has been enjoying herself.  She went to the College and Career group at St. John tonight where she is meeting new friends and getting involved in the ministry.  Paul and I are so proud of her, for the way she keeps going, and for the way she chooses to surround herself with spiritually healthy people. 

On the way home from Charlottesville yesterday, I decided to stop in to visit Mom Campbell who was singing with her friends in a ladies' choir.  They rehearse at her church, and since I was driving by, I decided to take Qavah into the church to find her.  We followed the sound of music to a choir room and sat down beside her.  Mom and I haven't sung in a choir together since we lived in New Jersey many years ago. She shared her sheet music with me and we sang some good old hymns together.  The ladies were rehearsing for a singing engagement at a nursing home at the end of the month.  It was so nice to sing alto again with Mom, and after the rehearsal I got to meet the women who have been praying for our girls.  Their faces were so sweet, and they gave me the impression that they had found peace and contentment in this life, but look forward to the future life with joy. They will close their program with this song by the Gaithers:

Soon and very soon, we are going to see the King (3 times)
Hallelujah! Hallelujah! We're going to see the King.

No more crying there, we are going to see the King (3 times)
Hallelujah! Hallelujah! We're going to see the King.

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