Friday, October 08, 2010


Today Kathryn went to a follow-up doctor appointment.  I took her to the doctor who is studying her problems of inflammation and neuropathy in her hands and feet.  The drive was beautiful because it was a perfect fall day. Kathryn was told that she has two places in her spine where the discs are compressed.  The doctor thinks that when she is having bouts of inflammation, her spinal cord is being squeezed which causes the nerves to send pain signals to her neck and legs.  He recommended a drug for nerve pain, but she wants to talk to her other doctor to consider the side effects first.  From that appointment we went shopping for a couple of small items then drove home.

Our day was quiet and peaceful.  We were busy, but there is a quietness that has covered us, and it has made for a lovely start to the weekend.  Paul and Paul Burton went to a retreat in the mountains and we are home to relax and enjoy the cooler autumn days.  Kathryn has a plan to go through her stored college items and "weed out" unnecessary clutter from her room.  We thought we would be ready to post pictures, but that will come tomorrow, Lord willing.  We are ready to turn in for the night to read from the new book Kathryn received.  It is good to sit in our home and feel the quietness tonight. 


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