Sunday, October 10, 2010


The message this morning at church centered around the theme of thankfulness.  Only one leper out of ten went back to Jesus to thank Him for healing him.  I'm thankful tonight to have a church home where I am taught the truth and reminded to be thankful.  I'm thankful that my husband would take our son away for a weekend to spend time with him and five hundred other men to learn about the grace and forgiveness of God, and how to live the Christian life as leaders in their homes.  I'm thankful that Kathryn is eating bits of food throughout the day and appreciating every morsel including baby food without complaint.  I'm thankful that we met around the table at the close of the Sabbath Day to pray for the people we love and for the week ahead.  This has been a wonderful weekend in many ways and seeds of new beginnings have been planted.

Kathryn and I have read three chapters of her new book this weekend.  I'll close with this quote from the book because it spoke to my heart about remembering things for which I can be thankful,  and it is a reminder to give God the praise that is due Him.  "When nothing seems to be happening in the moment, when loneliness settles over your spirit like a lead apron, when pain and grief and anxiety conspire to push you to the edge of despair, remember God's mighty deeds in your life.  Remember His kindness, His special, tailor-made graces that fell out of the sky like a gentle rain." ~ Joni Eareckson Tada 

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