Sunday, October 31, 2010

The Things That Bless

We had a picture perfect day.  After church and a family lunch, Paul and I took the girls to the little town of Paint Bank.  It is a picturesque town in the middle of nowhere about an hour from our home.  The drive there was steep and winding, but it was worth the effort (and the little bit of nausea).  The leaves were still pretty and we stopped along the way for some photos.  The girls both felt good, and they were able to take in the sights in the town because everything was situated on four corners and there wasn't too much walking.  From the little white church to the working water wheel, we snapped pictures continuously.  The Swinging Bridge Restaurant served up buffalo steaks and burgers.  We had already had a big lunch so we decided to buy fresh baked apple scones and coffee for the trip home.  We continued to take pictures as we left Paint Bank just before sunset. The fields where the buffalo roamed were lush and green, so naturally that put me in mind of a song I get into my head when I see buffalo, and I sang it most of the way home. 

The thing that blesses me is the way the girls respond with joy and gratitude to the world around them.  A woman spinning wool made them a little bracelet and they loved that.  Then they were given a treat by the woman at the General Store, and they were so happy with that as well.  It was a lovely day in every way.  Paul and I came home refreshed and ready for the week ahead.  Enjoy the pictures.

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