Saturday, October 02, 2010

The Way God Blesses

Paul and I were talking about the things that Kathryn enjoys most and thought about how we might encourage her.  With that in mind, we decided that while she is away we would paint her room and replace the old carpet with hardwood floors.  She has always wanted another electrical outlet in her room as well.  So this morning we made up our minds that although the lawn needs mowing, the house needs cleaning, and Paul has to build four drills to sell, we would focus on just one thing.  We decided to really bless and encourage Kathryn.  Paul Burton joined us and as we approach sundown beginning the Sabbath, Kathryn's room is now painted a soft lavender color called Guardian Angel.

Our tools are put away, and we are going over to the hospital to celebrate the Sabbath with Kathryn.  We have so much joy in our hearts because we know Kathryn is going to love the stories we will tell her about how God blessed our work today.   She has been well cared for today and is beginning to feel better.  Her white cell count is dropping; an indication that the antibiotic is working on the infection and winning.  

God has blessed us in every way this week.  Our hearts are encouraged and we are thankful for the "pause" in our week that we call the Sabbath Day, a time when we can rest in the goodness of God.  His splendor was seen and felt on this beautiful autumn day in the Blue Ridge Mountains.  The colors are just beginning to turn on the trees, reminding us that life is ever-changing like the seasons, but His steadfast love is never changing.

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