Monday, October 18, 2010

The Weekend

Friday night started with a celebration.  I took Annelise and Qavah to see the Princess on Ice show at the civic center.  They were wide-eyed with the lights, music, and costumes.  Qavah met up with her friend Emily who was celebrating a birthday and they hugged before going to see the exhibit of Cinderella together.  The glass slipper, the dazzling princess gowns, and the joy of being a little girl made the experience one that the girls will remember with delight.

I had a weekend guest and, after having the whole family for dinner Saturday night, we got up for church on Sunday, greeted by a beautiful, balmy Fall day.  After spending time with my friend over lunch, we came home to the family and my friend said goodbye.  She had to drive back to Winston-Salem.  Our family spent some time during the evening praying for the upcoming week and then as if waking up from a dream it was Monday morning.

We are back to real life, routine responsibilities, and making sure the household is back up and running smoothly for the week.  Throughout the weekend I had a sense of joy that stayed with me as I cooked and cared for my family.  I had the real sense that God is in control and that there is nothing I need to do but to enjoy the life He gave me.  I'm so thankful for this season of peace for the girls.  

My Princesses:

The girls wouldn't turn around for a picture.  Cinderella had captured their attention:

And then there was the glass slipper:

A Princess admiring a Princess:

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