Sunday, November 07, 2010

Happy Birthday Paul

We celebrated Paul's birthday by going to church for a two hour praise and worship time last night.  The praise team did a great job choosing songs rich in Biblical content and we all enjoyed the evening together.  Kathryn had reserved a table for our family and the church also provided several delicious homemade goodies served with coffee and tea.  It was an uplifting evening and a great celebration for Paul.  We met several people last night and introductions were a part of the evening as well. 

I woke myself up during the night when I burst out laughing.  I was dreaming that we were still at the concert and some people came up to us and introduced themselves as the "Nimble" family.  Then they smiled and pointed to their 6 year old son and said, "This is our son Jack B."  Since I woke myself up, I sat up in bed and tried to think why in the world I would dream about "Jack be nimble."  The nearest I can come to an answer was that we all went into the nursery after the event at church and looked around at the way things were organized.  The babies had their own little cubbies with their names on it.  At any rate, we had a delightful evening, and I woke up this morning chuckling as I thought about the way our minds work creatively even while we sleep.

Enjoy your Sabbath rest. 

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