Friday, November 12, 2010

Reading Together

Paul sat on the comfy little love seat in the corner of our room reading to us last night.  The new Jan Karon book came out in time for his birthday.  We girls sat in the bed together, snuggled under the covers, until the girls dropped off to sleep.  I sat there listening to the story beginning to unfold as Father Tim and his wife, Cynthia, begin their vacation in Ireland; a dream come true for them.  Jan Karon does a lovely job of describing the scene in a way that places the reader right in the room to observe the same things.  In the story last night, she described the Bed and Breakfast so well that I could almost smell scones baking when I woke up this morning. Reading aloud together is something that we have done for nearly 37 years, and we would recommend it to anyone looking for a way to share some quiet time together. 

In chapter three, Father Tim and Cynthia had just crawled under a mountain of blankets and plumped the feather pillows to settle in for the night.  He felt Cynthia shivering and asked if he should close the window.  She replied, "No, I am just excited by it all.  I'm glad it took so many years for us to get here."  "You're glad?" he asked.  "That it was so long delayed and hoped for makes it all more precious."  That's exactly how Paul and I feel when there is a new Jan Karon book in the bookstores.  Tonight is Friday night and I am dreaming of hearing Paul's voice as he continues to read. I have a hunch that he is at work dreaming about the same thing.  Good stories read by someone you love, a bowl of popcorn, and a warm blanket on a cold night, makes for a perfect evening.  I'm thanking God right now for the imagination He gave to me.  I've been many wonderful places just by reading a good book.  I'm really looking forward to spending the weekend in Ireland with Father Tim and Cynthia.

Note:   At Home in Mitford is the first book in the Mitford series if you are interested.

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