Friday, December 10, 2010

Blue Skies

I called Paul when my plane landed.  He was waiting for me just outside the airport terminal and told me to have my winter coat on before stepping out into the Roanoke air.  When the pilot welcomed us to Roanoke, and said the outside temperature was 29 degrees, a collective groan was heard throughout the cabin.  We left a balmy Florida day where today's high was 73 degrees.  It was great to have a break from the winter, and it still amazes me that it is a short hour-and-a-half flight away.

The girls and I went out this afternoon to deliver Christmas presents and it was fun.  Qavah gave out all of her packs of chewing gum and then wanted to go to Sam's Club to buy more boxes.  It was sweet the way she wanted to give packs of gum to complete strangers.  One elderly man smiled kindly, turn down her gift politely, then pointed to the place in his mouth where his teeth had once been.  What might otherwise have been a cold winter day, was filled with warmth and blue skies.  Watching my children grow up over the years, and learn that it is better to give than to receive, warms my heart better than a day in Florida.

Aunt Lil in the center.  She knows how to pamper her guests  She is seen here with her friends and went all out for her Christmas tea:


Thursday night's sunset was so amazing!  My camera actually captured the beauty:

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