Tuesday, December 07, 2010

A Very Merry Transfusion Day

Today, we went to the hospital for Qavah's monthly blood transfusion.  After the IV was placed  in Qavah's arm, she settled into the bed and began watching educational programs on the portable television.  She was engrossed in Word World when a special visitor arrived to see her...

YES, it really was Santa Claus!  Of course Santa asked Qavah what she wanted for Christmas, to which she replied, "A magic wand and a Tiana tiara".  ("Santa" has some serious shopping to do!) 

Qavah wasn't the only one to receive a delightful surprise.  Earlier in the morning, Qavah spread Christmas cheer by handing out packets of gum to the hospital staff who usually help her during a transfusion visit.  So, later when she looked up from the TV and realized that Santa Claus was standing beside her bed, she frantically exclaimed, "Get the basket of gum!  Come on!  Huuueeeyyy!  I have to give Santa some gum!"  Santa was at first taken aback, but  then took the gum and  gave Qavah a joyful hug. The nurses working nearby laughed heartily.  It's not just any day that Santa visits the hospital and takes home a present for himself!

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