Sunday, December 05, 2010


We were invited to a wedding this weekend that made Christmas for us even more special.  As Paul and I sat there holding hands, I was thinking that I'm glad my husband enjoys going to weddings.  The church sanctuary was decorated for the wedding in garlands of greens and red roses.  It was incredibly beautiful by candlelight.  In that setting, the harpist nearly put me into a dreamy sleep.   The bride, the daughter of good friends, was being married to her college sweetheart, and the wedding and reception were full of celebration and joy.

I winced a couple of times during the pastor's charge to the couple as he spoke to them about marriage.  He was speaking to them, but was reminding me of my role in Paul's life.  This morning while Paul and I were getting ready for church I said, "You know, I felt a little uneasy as the pastor was talking about the woman's role in marriage at the wedding because I'm not so sure I'm doing my job well enough."  Paul laughed and said, "Boy I'm glad you said that...I was feeling pretty guilty myself."  We started talking about that, and agreed that we would try to stop more often during the day to encourage each other, which is so hard to do with busy schedules.  Maybe every married couple would do well to attend a wedding at least twice a year.  It is a good reminder that promises were made that, when kept, bring forth a harvest of good things.

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