Thursday, January 20, 2011

Airline Tracker

I typed in the airline name and flight number of Paul's plane on my computer and followed his flight from Sweden to Chicago today.  Once he landed in Chicago he had just enough time to trade in his ticket for a flight leaving in thirty-five minutes.  He made a dash for the gate, got on the flight, and was home in time for dinner.  I watched his plane land in Roanoke, via computer, and remembered back to the days Paul traveled without a cell phone with no way to contact me at times.  Technology has certainly made it easier on families to stay in touch while traveling.  We used our computer to Skype in the evenings, so that Qavah would see and talk to her Daddy once a day.  Paul told me that one of his colleagues plays computer games with his children when he travels and has to be away from home.

Paul and I were able to keep in touch, too.  I have a new cell phone and I have joined the rest of the world in using text messaging.  I left Paul messages from time to time just letting him know about our day back in Roanoke.  While it is true that we are all busier and going different directions these days, technology has made it possible to keep close in mind and heart with those we love.  I'm sure the early settlers were proud of the Pony Express, but I'm mighty thankful for the ability to type a note, click "send", and have a reply in a matter of minutes.  Oh my; I just realized that I have reached the age when I am beginning to say things like, "I remember back in the days when..."  When my parents and grandparents did that I thought they were so old.  I guess I have arrived!

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