Thursday, January 13, 2011

Colin's Birthday

Pictured below is our oldest son, Colin, jacking up his "car" to fix some imaginary problem.  In the background his Daddy is fixing one of our old cars, and I suppose Colin thought fixing something would give him that grown-up edge.  This was one of the pictures I found while cleaning out a closet recently.  The picture at the end of the post was taken about 13 years later while Colin worked on his real car after becoming a man, with man-size responsibilities. Raising a son to accept responsibility, to take care of the things that belong to him, and to turn to God for wisdom each day, is laying the foundation for a life of good stewardship.   By the grace of God, Colin is now 33 years old and using all of those acquired skills to raise a family of his own. Happy Birthday, Colin.

May he face life's problems
as he faced
his broken bike
when he was small
working til he traced
each problem to its source,
and fixed it; all
was a challenge he'd accept
with curiosity and then
work night and day.
What's losing sleep when
interest is involved?
Hobby or problem
he never turned it loose
til it was solved.
he's a man.
And man-sized problems
stare him in the face.
Interested or not,
give him grace.
As this is a problem tough,
and not a toy,
so, too, he is a man now,
not a boy.
Yet in the boy he once was
I can see
delightful glimpses
of the man he would be. ~ Ruth Bell Graham

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