Monday, January 10, 2011

Home Health Care

Sometimes I do wonder "why" Kathryn has been given such a hard road to travel.  I wondered "why" last week when her inflammation symptoms began to reappear.  I did beg God for some answers to my "whys".  Today, I can honestly say that two very good things happened as a result of this flare-up.  This time, Kathryn's doctor made a decision to start IV Rocephin right away before waiting until her symptoms put her in the hospital.  He also ordered the medication to be given through a new home health care group that we have not had before.  This home health care group has given Kathryn the very best care, not just because of their professionalism, but by the way they have treated her with kindness and respect.

Kathryn's lymph glands along her neck are less swollen, her scalp is improving, and the feeling is returning to her hands and feet.  The list of medications Kathryn has to take to keep her body stable is growing.  While some of her medications have adverse side effects, they are working well, and we are very thankful for that. During the time she has been feeling so bad, Kathryn has been scanning pictures to store on DVDs.

While I have been cleaning closets, I have unpacked two very large storage boxes of family pictures, and have begun to make each of my children a scrapbook photo album.  I have 37 years of pictures and memories in those boxes and have just finished Colin's album in time for his birthday this week.  It has been a pleasure to look at those pictures, and to remember all of us growing up together.  We are still growing up, and growing in grace, but those early pictures help me to remember that the same God who gave us life, is continuing to guide us; giving us a future and a hope.  

Colin age 10, Paul Burton 6, Kathryn 4:

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