Thursday, January 06, 2011

Mushy Scalp...Again

Kathryn asked Paul to check her head yesterday, and sure enough, she is getting a large mushy place on her scalp again.  She is starting to feel the same tingling in her feet and hands that she had a few months ago.  She has an appointment with her neurologist in the morning, and she is hoping he can figure this out before she lands in the hospital again.  There is no mistaking her symptoms.  Her head has some sort of fluid in the tissue, it is painful, and so far, there is no medical explanation for it.  She has contacted some research teams in the hopes that one of them will at least take a look at her this year. 

Other than that concern, we had a good day, and we are accomplishing some of our New Year's goals in the area of organization.  It is a pleasant thing to be able to look into a closet and know what is there and what isn't.  Just to clear away things that are no longer needed, and let go of things that aren't important, is liberating.  While the snakes and stinging insects are frozen, Paul intends to do the same kind of cleaning in the barn.  I ran across another poem by Ruth Graham to ponder as I clean out and let go of "stuff."

Let them go
the things that have 
accumulated through the years.
If they are only things
then let them go.
Like barnacles
they but impede the ship
and slow it down
when it should go
full speed ahead.
Why dread the disentangling?
Does the snake
mourn the shedding 
of its skin?
When the butterfly escapes
its chrysalis,
does regret
set in?

(From the book of poetry, Footprints of a Pilgrim page 227)

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