Tuesday, January 25, 2011

Red Cells to the Rescue

Qavah's veins were difficult to find today.  Her hemoglobin count was so low that her veins were flat.  She looked so small and frail on the hospital gurney.  After three unsuccessful tries to place the IV line I picked my tearful girl up in my arms and the nurse tried a fourth time.  Qavah's head was buried in my shirt while she cried, "Mama no..."  I stood there with tears running down my face begging, "God please...."  My heart's desire is for a miracle for Qavah.  I'm not ashamed to beg for a remission.  The fourth try worked, and after a full bag of red cells, we are home, and Qavah is busy playing again as though it was a just a minor interruption to have to go to the hospital today.  Maybe the miracle is that Qavah finds comfort in my arms, that she is willing to submit to her medical care, or that she still loves to smile and laugh, but I'm believing God for so much more.

I read some things about faith this evening and found these words of encouragement. Jesus said that if we have faith, even if it’s of the tiniest size, we can command the mountains to move, and they will obey us. Therefore, it is clear that faith is not really a matter of its size or quantity. Instead, it is the size of the One in Whom we put our faith that makes all the difference. 

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