Saturday, February 26, 2011

A Flock of Robins

After our one spring bonus day last week, the weather has brought us more winter-like weather and cold rain.  This morning I looked out toward the garden and saw about thirty Robin Redbreasts searching for breakfast.  I might have missed that little sign of spring, but since there were so many of them, they were hard to miss.  Their little visit to my yard has encouraged me already today.

Kathryn has been treated successfully for another sinus infection.  During that time, she had several nose bleeds and a low red cell count, but she just kept plugging away.  She wanted to get in the car and drive south until the warm humid air and sunshine made her feel better.  It seems we are all eager for spring, and warmer weather.  

Our son Paul Burton has been in Seattle this week with his uncles.  He is attending a music festival and doing some teaching of young students, as well as some learning from professional musicians.   The day he left, his flight was changed because of bad weather at a connecting terminal, leaving him five hours to spare at the Roanoke airport.  He called me at home and asked me out to lunch.  That sounded great to me, so I went to the airport, picked him up, and drove him to one of his favorite restaurants.  As we sat talking, he told me about his job, working the night shift, and telling about people he has met.  His conversation was non-stop making me realize that it had been a long time since our last outing together.  He told me about watching the Redneck Wedding on television one night at work.  The program was being viewed by the visitors in one of his patient's rooms.  They were riveted by it and made several positive comments. We laughed together as he described the wedding couple killing and stuffing two squirrels for the top of their wedding cake.  Then he described another couple who jumped on their dirt bike after the wedding, still dressed in their wedding finery, to drive through mud puddles, completely destroying the wedding dress, but having a wonderful time.  We laughed about the entertainment value of our fellow human beings.  After lunch, Paul Burton reached for the bill and said, "I'll get it, Mom."  

Thank you God for children who make us laugh.  It is one of the great blessings of parenting.  Amen!

The Red Palace for lunch

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