Tuesday, February 01, 2011

New Project

This week we are getting ready to replace all of our windows on the second floor of the house.  They are very special windows because they are a product designed by our son, Colin.  A few years ago, when he first told us about his new job, he explained that he would be designing windows that would need to withstand hurricanes.  To determine their strength, he would be shooting lumber at windows in an effort to design a window that would not shatter.  I don't know how all of his experiments are working, but we knew it would be a fun job for Colin.  We are going to be replacing our old windows with the new product line that Colin oversees.  Our old drafty, moldy, windows will be replaced this weekend. 

We are having fun with our good days the Lord has given us, and the winter will soon be over.  I bought some cottage cheese today with a "sell by" date of March 1.  Spring is not that far away.  Lord willing, we will once again be looking at the yard in bloom through our new windows. 

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