Monday, February 07, 2011

Stories of Childhood

One of the things that makes growing up in a family fun is being able to hear the stories that the "older" people have to tell.  When our children were younger we spent time around the campfire retelling our own family stories.  It was a time to laugh, to bond with each other, and to better appreciate the fun of belonging to a family. Often, our extended family would come for a few days to visit, and sitting around the table we would listen to the many adventures and misadventures of the people we love.

Aunt Lil has many stories about her years in Africa, but recently, she wrote this little story and I wanted to share it with the readers of this blog.  She also mentioned that she would love to hear from some of the blog readers who have stories of their own to tell.  Aunt Lil wrote, "When my sister Doris and I were very small, we were sitting together in the two-seater outhouse of my childhood years, having a serious discussion over something that puzzled us.  A certain lady in our church, one Sister Miller, may she rest in peace, always wore a hat to church with a large hatpin holding it in place. Doris was wondering how she could put the pin through her head, and I agreed that I didn't know how she could stand it."

As I read her email, I imagined Aunt Lil as a little girl, curious about the world around her.  It delighted me, and I laughed out loud.  Now that we have video games, television, movies, cell phones, texting, etc., I'm wondering if it may be time to schedule a family gathering to listen to some more of the stories that capture our imagination, and send us into fits of laughter.  Aunt Lil is coming to visit in a few weeks, and Lord willing, we will gather around the table again to share stories.  

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