Monday, March 14, 2011

Hidden Things

I sat in the library with a cup of tea and my eye followed a brown streak up the wall to the ceiling.  I had just sat down to rest and to look at a magazine when I saw it.  We soon discovered that our bathtub on the second floor was leaking, and the tub was located right above the brown streak.  A family friend was visiting and took a look behind the wall of the bathtub. He discovered that the sheet rock covering the ceiling of our library below was saturated with water and it would have to be removed.  It was obvious once the men began to tear into the job that the tub had been leaking for a very long time. 

Perhaps it was always just a small drip.  But over time, that small drip turned into a major problem.  It wasn't until the leak penetrated the wallboard that we knew there was a problem.  Tonight there is a very large hole in the ceiling of our library where the soggy, moldy, sheet rock has been removed and a fan is drying out the wood. The saddest thing of all is that the access to the plumbing is in Kathryn's room.  Once the hidden  access door was opened, the smell of mold wafted into her room.  We didn't even know the leak was there, yet it might have been the cause of some of Kathryn's sinus problems in the last couple of years. 

There is a spiritual lesson in a steady drip.  It's lenten season, a time of repentance and addressing the sin in our lives.  How quietly one small drip turned into a big unhealthy mess in our ceiling that no one could see until the destruction was extensive.  Likewise, one small grievance that begins to gnaw at us from the inside out works in the same way, and the outcome is messy.

Lord, forgive our sin.  Forgive us for the hidden grievances that eat away at the relationship we have with You and with others.  Thank you that on Calvary You made a way to clean out the mess in our hearts and make us new.  For your name's sake.  Amen

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