Sunday, March 06, 2011

Laughter On Deck

On Saturday morning, Qavah was in the shower getting ready for the day.  As she was taking her shower behind the curtain, Paul was at the sink shaving.  I was waiting to get her out of the shower to dry her off and I heard her ask, "Daddy are you the big bad wolf?"  "Where is this conversation going?" I wondered.  Paul answered her by saying, "Yes, and I am shaving the hairs off my chinny, chin, chin!"  She laughed as though nothing funnier had ever been said in the history of man.  Then he announced, "Hey, Now I am brushing my big sharp teeth!"  Another explosion of laughter came from behind the shower curtain.  I stood there thinking about the small ways a Daddy is able to be silly and delight a daughter.  Paul finishes his morning routine with one of those nose and ear trimmers and I wondered with a chuckle if I had married the big bad wolf after all.

Later that day, while Paul worked on a project on the upper porch, Qavah was about fifteen feet away from him standing at the rail.   She was totally engrossed in her own world, and imagined herself  at the rail of a sailing ship.  She waved her arms wildly and shouted into the wind, "Ahoy, Captain, shall I put down the anchor, and get some fish, and call the Mermaids?"  Paul's laughter brought her abruptly back to reality and the two started laughing all over again, just as they had at the start of the day.   It's fun for me to observe how Paul delights in her imaginings.  I hope she will remember these happy days of childhood, and will grow up to marry a man with whom she will continue to laugh. 

"Laughter is the shock absorber that eases the blows of life."

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