Sunday, March 20, 2011

Prayers For Qavah

Qavah has been in the local hospital since Friday morning. That is when she began retching intensely.  Due to a past surgery that closed her stomach flap, she is unable to vomit.  Instead, her stomach has to be drained using a small tube. The doctors are doing a wonderful job trying to get her well again, but it's a slow process. Qavah will be able to come home when she is able to take in nourishment and fluids by mouth.  

Although it's been a difficult weekend, the Lord is still showing His mercy and goodness to us.  An x-ray taken on Friday to address Qavah's abdominal problems, by God's grace, showed a lung infection.  So, she has been on high-powered antibiotics for that. The GI doctor who took care of Qavah this weekend was not her primary one, but he does have some ideas of how to improve her health once she is home.  Someone who wanted to bless pediatric patients sewed a stack of small quilts.  Qavah received a beautiful one, along with a colorful pillowcase that was sewn by the local Girl Scout troop.  Yesterday, Qavah's nurse was a family friend and homeschooling mom who works only one day a month. I've been well enough for one or both of my parents to stay with Qavah at all times. All of us sense the prayers and love of family and friends.  These are all blessings from God and we praise Him for them.


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