Sunday, March 27, 2011

Sunday Afternoon Movie

We spent the night on Friday night into Saturday morning with Qavah, who began dry heaving again in forty-five minute intervals.  We gave her the medicine prescribed.  By morning her nausea subsided and she fell asleep.  Saturday morning Kathryn woke up with a very bad sore throat.  Sore throats for a person on two different immuno-suppressants can easily turn into something more serious.  Kathryn is needing more Prednisone to meet the drain on her adrenal system.  She has been staying to her room in the hopes of being able to get over this bug without complications, and without spreading it.

After church today Paul and I each had the same idea.  We wanted to go home, put on our comfy lounge wear, and watch a good movie.  We watched a film called The Lightkeepers.  It is a charming love story, filmed on Cape Cod.  There are many ways to relax through music, books, and movies, but today we felt like watching a movie. There are many needs and prayer concerns for our family and friends, and with the world of late.  I can't help but think God gave us the ability to watch or read lovely stories to help take our minds off the cares of this life at times.  Whether you read a book, watched a movie, visited with family, or just stayed home, we hope you feel refreshed and ready for a new work week.

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