Monday, March 21, 2011

Update on Qavah

Qavah had a much better night last night and had just a few episodes of dry heaves, so together we made a decision to pull the NG tube that had been draining her stomach for her.  At first things seemed fine, but after two hours of sipping, she began to have dry heaves again.  She is not able to bring anything up, but the nausea is there with no relief.  She has had a little apple juice, but isn't taking in enough to be able to go home.  The doctors here have been great at pulling up all of her older records and have been discussing their ideas with us.  We are pleased that they want to see Qavah get to a better weight, and while they are giving her medications to help her today, they have also been mentioning different things we can try in the future.

We are very grateful for the prayers on Qavah's behalf.  She is the most patient person in the room at times.  She seems to find a peaceful place inside herself in which to retreat, while the staff considers what to do for her.  I've learned a lot about her on this hospital visit.  She has courage beyond her years. 

Qavah has discovered her bedside call button and has been known to call the nurses' station with various requests.  I thought she was sleeping early this morning when the decision was made to remove her NG tube.  A couple of hours later I was straightening her room and I heard her hit the call button. This was her simple request: "The doctor said I can take the tube out of my nose today, so can you come and do that for me now?"  Immediately, a nurse appeared and I thought about Qavah's courage to ask for what she wanted.  Of course it helps to have an adorable voice, but I thought it was a good lesson for me; "Ye have not because ye ask not!"

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