Saturday, April 23, 2011

Good Friday

We decided to go to church last night for the Good Friday service.  Qavah wanted to sit on my lap.  I pulled her up close and thought her cheek felt too warm.  She was shivering so Paul went to the car for a blanket. By the end of the service, she was asleep in my arms.  She spent the day in bed with puffy eyes, runny nose, and general misery.  I went to the pharmacy hoping to find something that would work like magic, but only time and rest will cure a cold.  Paul and I have decided to work out a plan to go to Easter services separately. One of us to be at home with Qavah. She won't be wearing her Easter dress, or searching for hidden eggs, but we will read to her the story of Jesus and His resurrection.  She loves to hear us read from the pages of her little blue Bible.

Qavah's illness changes our holiday plans, but does not diminish our joy. Where the spirit of the Lord is, there is fullness of joy.  Wishing you all a joyous Easter with family and friends! To see a work of art depicting the resurrection, click here.  Enjoy     

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