Monday, April 11, 2011

An Overview

I think if I don't post an update I will be getting calls from friends and family to check on things.  We had a new floor laid in our home last week and had to move out over the weekend to give the grout time to dry before walking on the new tile.  We returned home Sunday after church to a transformed kitchen, hall, bathrooms, and foyer.  It was the first big job we have had done on this house that we paid someone else to do.  Paul and I are glad we did, or neither of us would be able to function this week.  

Qavah has been struggling with her health and GI tract.  I took her to the lab for her Monday blood work and discovered that her blood count dropped from 10.1 to 7.1 in one week.  I had asked the lab to do a type and screen for Red Cross because I had a suspicion she was not doing well.  She'll need to have a transfusion this week; most likely tomorrow.

Kathryn had a wonderful weekend and enjoyed going to a bridal shower.  She had found a great gift and could hardly wait to give it to the bride.  It was a pancake mixing bowl filled with a granola pancake mix and blueberry syrup from Maine.  The bride and groom are friends she has known for quite a while.  When I picked her up she was smiling joyfully.  She said the shower was elegant and meaningful.  I was so happy she could go to that and enjoy herself.

Our church is going to celebrate Passover this year.  I am preparing for 208 guests next Tuesday night at the church.  I have been able to order many items on line, and there are many capable and helpful women volunteering their time.  I'm happy to be doing this for my church friends, and also thankful to God that the girls are well enough for me to step out and do something I enjoy.  

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