Wednesday, April 20, 2011

Passover 2011

I have finished putting away all of the pots and pans.  The refrigerators look empty after several days of preparation.  The roasts have been consumed and the Passover Seder is finished.  The girls were healthy and enjoyed the celebration right along with the rest of the family.  At our home Seder, Qavah asked the question, "Why is this night different from all others?"  She astonished us when she was asked to get up in front of over 200 people last night to check to see if Elijah was at the door.  When the Pastor asked, "Qavah, is Elijah there?"  She boldly stated, "Nope!"  She is gaining confidence, and is willing to step out and try new things.  Her hearing aids are in, and we will be picking them up next week.  We suspect that she is going to blossom like a rose because she will be able to better comprehend what is going on around her.  

I took Kathryn to the doctor this afternoon with what looks like a series of spider bites on her neck.  We were outside Sunday afternoon and she remembers that something was crawling on her neck.  The bite marks are small, but the swelling is painful, and it is keeping her up at night.  I have tried different topical creams, but there is little relief.  She has shivers but no fever.  We laughed about it today with the pharmacist because Kathryn is on so many drugs we hoped the spider died of the toxicity.  

The days are unfolding for us in pleasant ways.  The breezy warm days of spring are here at last, and we are enjoying them one by one.  

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