Tuesday, April 05, 2011

Successful Procedure

Qavah displayed bravery and courage today.  Her procedure went well and the biopsy of her GI tract and pancreas function test were done swiftly.  The doctor was able to get all of the things he needed to send to the pathology lab to give him a better picture of what is happening to Qavah, including food sensitivities. She was asleep for about thirty minutes including recovery, and had no trouble waking up.  Her spirit was very calm the whole morning; an answer to prayer.  Her reward was playing with her friends in the afternoon.  

Our upcoming trip to Cincinnati will include more testing and procedures.  It is time to think about setting some new goals for having fun.  I have a few things in mind.   If we let her choose, Qavah would probably say that she just wants to play with Annelise and Nehemiah.  This afternoon she ran around the yard with her "friends" and had a good time being a normal kid.  Your prayers were felt, and so too was the peace that comes from God.

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