Tuesday, May 10, 2011

Being Ready

The hundreds of details surrounding a trip to a hospital eats up precious time, but the two girls and I stopped in the middle of the day today and met Paul for lunch.  We had one of Qavah's favorite meals; tacos.  We talked, laughed, and lingered over lunch.  Once at home, I lined up a taxi to pick us up in Cincinnati to take us to our hotel.  Now, we just have to go to the Roanoke Airport tomorrow and take off. All of Qavah's labs and records for the past year are in a file in my backpack, and she will have a backpack of her own.  I'm not taking the stroller, so this is her first trip to carry a bag and walk through the airports.  

The last two days have unfolded in pleasant ways.  We are past the details of getting ready, and now we can rest in being ready.  I am most grateful for all of the prayers that will cover us over the next few days. We pray that our faith will be strengthened as we observe the working of God in Qavah's life.  We are waiting with hope and patience for a miracle.

He performs wonders that cannot be fathomed; miracles that cannot be counted. ~ Job 5:9

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