Friday, May 27, 2011

Four Day Weekend

The list of things we need to accomplish this weekend grew to fill a page.  Paul and I are hoping to work together to accomplish our goals, stopping from time to time to enjoy the front porch and iced tea.  Vines and under brush have taken over the yard in the past few years so we have a lot of outdoor work on our list.  

Indoors, Kathryn is feeling better after a Remicade treatment on Tuesday.  Qavah is back up and running after a transfusion yesterday.  The girls have an indoor list of light cleaning jobs.  We are a team, and we appreciate the extra day on this holiday weekend to take care of the things that God has loaned us; especially each other!

As we work on our property in peace and freedom, we will be flying the American flag on the front porch.  We are thankful for the men and women in service to our country and pray for peace, so that they too can come home and sip tea on their front porch.  There are many battles being fought by courageous people across this land and the world. God Bless this Memorial Weekend, as people around our land remember those who died, and those who soldier on.  God Bless America.

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