Monday, May 23, 2011

Happy Ever After

I was headed home from an appointment with Qavah and noticed that the low tire pressure light was on indicating a problem with my front right tire.  I called Paul and told him my location just in case the tire went completely flat.  Everything seemed fine and I made it home safely and didn't think of the tire again until I had to use the car the next day.  There was so much drag on my car when I pulled out that I thought I had left the emergency brake on.  Suddenly, I remembered the tire.  I got out to check it.  Sure enough, it was as flat as a pancake.  

I called Paul at work in the middle of the day and told him what had happened.  He thought a minute before saying, "Can you go into my shop and fill my air tank..." Panic set in.  I pictured myself trying to fill that tank with the compressor air knowing I am not good with power tools or tanks of any kind.  I gasped and said, "Paul, please don't make me do that."  He laughed and said, "I'll be right home."  "Thanks honey,"  I said with great relief,  "and I will never ask you to cook dinner."  We are both more than willing to stick to the things we do best.  My tire is fixed and Paul had a good hot meal.  Yes, for better or worse, until death do us part; happily ever after. 

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