Friday, May 13, 2011

Home Early

This has been an amazing day.  I prayed early this morning that God would help Qavah and I get back home sooner than our scheduled flight which would have gotten us home around midnight.  The first thing that happened this morning gave me hope. Qavah's doctor wanted to move her exit interview to ten in the morning rather than late afternoon.  After Qavah's biopsy, and the early appointment with the doctor ended, our taxi driver happened to be at the hospital picking up another family from Virginia, so we were all picked up together and Qavah and I were at the airport before noon.  I began to think it just might be that God was opening some doors.  I prayed for two stand-by flights before I reached the ticket counter.  The attendant told me that there was little hope of us getting on stand-by flights because of the number of graduations in the Roanoke area.  Their earlier flights were full. However, Qavah and I got on not one, but two flights, using stand-by tickets.  Maybe some people would think this was all a string of luck, but not me.  Before take-off, Qavah and I prayed for the people who were supposed to be in our seats.

Qavah has had a deep settle peace in her soul the past few days.  She did everything required of her, including the nearly three hour MRI, without anesthesia.  She laid inside the MRI machine with her arms and legs held tightly.  When the MRI was finished, she came out of the machine, and we discovered that the movie monitor that covered her eyes was digging into her forehead.  As she cried, her ears filled with tears.  While we wiped her face, the nurse praised her for staying still and crying silently, even though she was uncomfortable.  The result of that MRI showed an iron overload in Qavah's liver.  However, her heart is in much better condition with only a minimal amount of saturation.  Many of the tests won't be read for another week or more.  Only prayer and a miraculous gift of patience from God can explain her perseverance. 

I took Qavah out to dinner for waffles last night.  She had been required to fast all day while the tests were run. I rewarded her patience with a meal of her choice. After her waffle dinner, I took her back to the hotel and gave her a hot bath.  She climbed into the bed beside me and said, "Mama, isn't this fun to be here together like a sleep over?"  She is teaching me so much about acceptance with joy.  We did have some laughs, watched some movies, and enjoyed the meals we ate in restaurants.  Tonight after dinner she took out her pretend paper money and coins and set them on the table beside her plate.  She looked at us and explained her actions saying, "This is the tip for Mommy."   While Qavah is learning to tip appropriately from me, I am learning how to live with an attitude of gratitude from her.  I thank God tonight for what I am learning, my home, God's goodness, and answered prayer.

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