Wednesday, May 04, 2011

New Friends

Over the past month, I have received several emails from other parents who have children with rare disorders similar to Qavah's.  It happened as a result of my joining an online group for families experiencing the unknowns of genetic disorders.  We now email back and forth sharing our knowledge and research results. That has led me to think about expanding this blog by offering another email address where anyone can write to me personally.  There are some things parents experience that they would rather share in a private way, and I can certainly understand.  However, even if we add the change, there will still be a "comments" option for those wanting to leave a general message.  Look for changes in the Campbell Family Journal website as our blog continues to evolve.

I have received new communications with complete strangers, yet I find that our common experience binds us together very quickly. I have added several prayer requests to my growing list.  As concerned parents, we are all praying for miraculous discoveries to take place, not only for our children but for other suffering children who are not receiving the best care in other parts of the world where medical treatment is unavailable.  

Sharing our daily life with the readers of this blog has brought us a new dimension to our lives.  As we continue to see our blog counter track visitors of this site, we have begun to see that our "family" is bigger than we thought.  We hope to continue sharing our lives with all of you, and to find out from you how God is working in your lives.  The larger and most difficult life lessons train us to look at our circumstances, commit them to God, and observe how He begins to take our mustard-seed-size faith and increase it.  It is humbling and challenging to step back and watch how He transforms our circumstances  into something that will bring Him the greatest glory.

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