Monday, June 20, 2011

Birthday Partying

We had a great day of celebrating yesterday.  I hardly know how to put it into words, but I feel so amazingly blessed when I celebrate the lives of the people I love.  It felt like Christmas yesterday as we celebrated Father's Day and two birthdays.  Mom and Dad Campbell were here so there were three generations of fathers to celebrate. The party continued today as I have been receiving many emails with birthday greetings.  I wondered how in the world so many people knew it was my birthday.  Kathryn told me at three o'clock this afternoon that she mentioned my birthday on Facebook and the mystery was solved. She then read several more messages that completely took me by surprise.  Two of them came from the state of Michigan where I was born.  Thank you all so much for the "Happy Birthday" greetings. This has been a very happy day, and although it is my birthday, I felt like today was really a celebration of friendships that I dearly love and cherish.  We are continuing the party this evening with popcorn and a movie, which is about to begin!

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