Monday, June 27, 2011

Busy Living

The girls have been in good health and we are enjoying the summer.  We have had relatives and friends here, and purchased a small pool that we can all get into to cool off.  Over the weekend we had uncles and cousins assisting in the building of Qavah's tree house.  She has dreams of climbing the ladder into the green canopy to pretend she is on a sailing ship.  The idea is taking shape and Paul hopes to finish it next weekend.

Qavah has needed transfusions every two weeks now, and we are concerned about that, but we continue to pray that God will bring healing to her body.  Kathryn had the sad news that her bone scan showed osteoporosis  advancing rapidly and she now has compressed discs causing constant pain.  The calcium she takes is not being delivered to her bones.  Next week another drug will be tried to control bone loss which is an injection that we will give her at home.  While it is sad to see the curve of her spine becoming more visible, she is growing stronger in her faith, and more confident in the written word of God, Who promises to strengthen us for His glory.  We are thankful for these good days.

We are planning to attend our nephew's wedding in September.  Qavah will be a little flower girl.  I have the honor of helping with the rehearsal dinner which includes Aunt Dawn's pulled beef and macaroni and cheese.  Grammy Helen is coming for a summer visit this week, and our air conditioning may be fixed by tomorrow night.  The days are packed with good things and good moments.  Blessings continue to fall like a gentle summer rain.

Fun in the pool

Building Qavah's dream

 Jacqui and Judy playing Grandma Harriff's old pump organ

Some of the family getting ready for saying grace over the meal.  We missed not having Mom and Dad here but they were in Michigan celebrating the Wensley family reunion.

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