Friday, June 03, 2011

Qavah's Reward

Kathryn and I were talking yesterday about the fact that Qavah has had one illness after another since early April.  Her doctor has recommended a therapy to boost her immune system, but we haven't started it yet.  However, she has been feeling very well for the past few days.  Although Qavah has times when she is extremely tired and sick, she remains cheerful and grateful.  I have watched with interest what the Lord will do on behalf of Qavah, who assumes a positive attitude when there is a good excuse not to have one.

This morning I was watching Qavah with her reading tutor. Mrs. Henry has become a very special part of Qavah's life and the two of them were side by side on the sofa reading together.  Mrs. Henry had brought one of her favorite children's books to read, and I felt very thankful that Qavah could be at home enjoying the beautiful morning with her teacher.  After lunch, a new friend came to visit.  Her name is Miss Judith and we met at church.  Miss Judith asked if she could help me take care of Qavah's hair and I sat watching the two of them as Qavah was having her hair braided for the first time.  These ladies came and brought blessing into our home today.  The Lord brought them here for Qavah.  The scripture states that He is the giver of all good gifts.  With gratitude, I thank Him tonight for bringing new friends into her life. They are two of her rewards; gifts from God.

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