Friday, June 10, 2011

Weekday Recap

Monday afternoon I took Qavah for her routine blood work to check her counts.  It had been eight days since her last transfusion.  She had complained in church on Sunday that she was cold and sat on our laps to keep warm.  She also complained of being tired. On Tuesday the hospital called to tell us that Qavah's labs showed that her counts had dropped suddenly, and she needed another transfusion right away.  We have no idea what caused the problem, but I was impressed that Qavah was tuned in to her body well enough to say that she was uncomfortably tired and cold.

The extreme heat and humidity here in Virginia has had the air conditioning service repair people scrambling to fix problem air conditioning units.  Our twenty-five-year-old air conditioning system has finished its life and will be removed and replaced soon, but the crews are so busy it will be a couple more weeks until they can get to us.  We have been sleeping downstairs at night where the air is cooler and the girls have been camping on the living room floor on mats.  I have been trying to get my work done upstairs in the early morning before the sun heats things up past bearable.  Through all of the minor aggravation of being displaced, I have thought of the people in Joplin, and in Haiti, and have repented for complaining of the heat when they are suffering without a roof over their heads.  God has dealt graciously with us this week.  Qavah is feeling well again, and cooler air is on the way.  We are blessed in so many ways that to deny that by complaining would be childish.  As Madame Blueberry sings, "A happy heart is a grateful heart!"  We head into the weekend feeling grateful.

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