Friday, July 29, 2011

In The Middle

Kathryn and Qavah are often the subject of my posts because so many friends and family members are following their health updates.  However, tonight I have an update on our middle son, Paul Burton.  He is on his way to Washington DC to fly out tonight on a mission trip to El Salvador.  While there, he plans to help with a building project and assist in medical exams given to the children and parents at the mission compound.  He decided to pack light but is taking a guitar with him for playing and singing with the kids.  Then he is hoping to leave the guitar for other missionaries to use, or give it to one of the children with musical ability.  Tonight before he left, we circled around him and prayed that the guitar would be an answer to someone's prayer.  There is someone in El Salvador who has been longing for a guitar and will soon have it in their hands. Using us mere mortals is just one way God works in this world.  Paul Burton gets to deliver the guitar;  but we are all just instruments in God's hands.  We're so happy for Paul Burton, and the joy he will have in giving.

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