Monday, August 08, 2011

Catching Up

Paul and I have been catching up on various projects and lately it seems like we are either working slower or weekends have gotten shorter.  Try as we might, we still have a lot to do before the summer is over.  I purchased a little white board for our refrigerator with ten lines on it.  At the top of the board the words "TO DO" are written, and now our list is centrally located to remind us of our goals.  

Paul Burton arrived home safely yesterday, and had some wonderful pictures of El Salvador, and a dark tan.  His time spent there was productive and he was able to use his musical gifts to play and sing for the children's Vacation Bible School.  He also led the mission team in worship each morning.  Once he had a break in his schedule he went to a local market and met a man there selling little whistles to tourists.  They had a conversation about guitars because Paul Burton noticed the man had one.   During their conversation, the man asked Paul Burton several questions about note reading and playing guitar.  The man brought some sheet music out to show to Paul Burton and he was able to give that local man a guitar lesson right there at the market. The guitar that Paul Burton took with him to El Salvador stayed with the La Casa de Mi Padre mission for future mission groups to use.  After seeing his slideshow yesterday afternoon, Paul Burton went to sleep and we went swimming.

The girls have been well, and enjoying the summer.  I have not posted as many blog updates because I am so focused on using this time to get organized.  The blessing of this time of peace is very much appreciated.  The rest of the world is in turmoil, but our home feels like a place of refuge, and even the white ducks have reappeared and have been seen each day floating lazily on the pond.  These are good days.

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