Monday, August 22, 2011

Medical Updates

Kathryn has had a low CBC count and heavy bruising.  She received a bag of platelets today at the hospital and hopes to feel better soon.  Some of her blood loss is coming from her bowel, and she is wondering if some of the medication adjustments she has made recently, in complying with her doctor's wishes, may be causing some of her problems.  She took some pain medication tonight which is always a last resort for her.  I gave her the injection of Prolia (used to prevent bone loss) right after the platelet transfusion, but I confess to being a bit anxious about the side effects of that drug.  She was willing to try it, and made the decision on her own, so we hope it works for her.

Qavah has had another round of intestinal problems, and today I took her for blood work after dropping Kathryn off at the hospital.  She patiently endured several needles.  Her veins were so flat that the lab techs began examining her feet and neck for access.  Yet, she left the lab smiling after getting a candy bar, two bouncing balls, seven stickers, and hugs all around.  They certainly know how to keep kids coming back for more.  Although these medical problems are popping up, the girls remain positive. 

Our hearts are always moved with emotion when the girls are having health problems.  Partly because we are sad for them to have to endure so much, but also because they take it so well and just keep going like champions.  It's humbling to see them jumping these hurdles with so much grace.  God is faithful to meet them where they are, and comfort them.  We thank Him for another good day.

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