Monday, September 05, 2011

Days to Remember

Paul got home Sunday after a long flight.  He showered, shaved, ate dinner, and went to sleep. At nine o'clock Sunday night we gathered by candlelight to have a tea party for Kathryn's birthday. She was so happy with her gifts and dessert; a fresh-baked coffee cake topped with fresh blueberries and whipped cream.  After celebrating until midnight we all went to sleep.

We woke up to rain;  a very welcome rain, since our summer has been dry.  And throughout the day we have gathered for some good conversation and sipped cups of coffee together.  Paul Burton and I worked on a sewing project.  He learned how to use my sewing machine and how to hand-sew a blind stitch for hemming.  Kathryn worked on a computer problem, while Qavah hung around her Daddy like a fruit fly on a ripe banana.  We were a family.  We discussed some recent sermons we've heard, listened to Paul Burton play music, and took afternoon naps.  It was such a special time, just sitting together in our home and soaking in the peace which was plentiful enough for everyone.  Contentment and a peaceful place to abide made our home a very nice place to be.  I treasure these good things and thank God for them.

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