Wednesday, September 07, 2011

Qavah's Creative Prayers

I sat beside Qavah, the lights were out, she was tucked in, and she began to pray.  "Dear God, thank you that the Bible says that when we are afraid we can just go into our Mom and Dad's room and sleep with them."  I didn't hear the rest of the prayer for laughing. When she finished praying, I asked, "Qavah, where in the Bible does it say that about being afraid?"  "Well," she began, "Remember when we went to church that other day and Pastor Elijah said that sometimes we are afraid of the dark?"  

I remembered the children's sermon a little bit differently.  "Yes, Qavah, I remember Pastor Elijah said that when we are afraid, even if we have the night light shining in our own room, it still feels safer in Mom and Dad's room.  Their room might be pitch black with no night light but it still feels better in there".  "Yes," she agreed, "But I feel even better if I wake you up and sleep in your bed."

I took a minute to remind Qavah about the rest of Pastor Elijah's sermon: Jesus said in His word that we can call on His name when we are scared, and at the name of Jesus, things begin to get better.  I further explained that courage comes to our hearts when we remember that He is always watching over us and defending us. She thought about that a minute and said, "Well, I will just come in your room if I get scared tonight."

Don't we all want the Bible to say what suits our own will and desires?   Thanks, Qavah for another teachable moment that went both ways.

This is what I covenanted with you when you came out of Egypt.  And my Spirit remains with you. Do not fear.  Haggai 2:5

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